ROTC/Military Studies Academic Advisement

Unique to all other institutions of higher education with ROTC programs, UNM is the only school that has a dedicated Academic Advisor for Military Studies/ROTC. The Military Studies/ROTC Academic Advisor facilitates the completion of all ROTC-specific graduation requirements, degree plans, and early degree certification. 
Ms. Annie Merrill, MA


All appointments are made in LoboAchieve

LoboAchieve Appointments Explained

If you are currently an active UNM student but not currently a Military Studies/ROTC student, you will need to click on the "Advising Offices" tab and "Search Advising Office" to manually search for "ROTC"  which is part of the University College Advising Center.  Please only schedule with Ms. Merrill, not the other UCAC advisors also found there.   

If you are a prospective or returning student without a current UNM NetID, you may also access LoboAchieve using the "non-UNM sign in" option and creating an account.  Please do not create an account if you have an existing/active UNM NetID, or have recently been accepted to UNM and just need to setup a NetID (which may be done via this link:  If you have an active NetID but have simply forgotten your password please see this link to reset: Change my Password :: UNM NetID | The University of New Mexico