Basic Expectations


Cadets/Midshipmen – Basic expectations as related to the ROTC Academic Advisor

  • LoboAchieve will be utilized for scheduling appointments and determining walk-in hours for current and prospective students.

  • If a scheduled appointment needs to be canceled, this should be done so by 1600 the day before unless an illness or emergency arises. 

  • ROTC students will refer to the Advisor as Mr./Ms. or Sir/Ma’am, not by first name.

  • Unless a lengthier timeline is stipulated, students will respond to functional emails originating from the Advisor within 48-hours (excluding weekends) while UNM is in session, and the Advisor will normally do the same in return for student-initiated emails.  

  • ROTC degree plans will be prepared and/or updated via a live meeting (not email/Zoom) unless the Advisor determines otherwise.

  • Work will not unknowingly be duplicated between the Advisor and other UNM Staff.

  • Graduating students may be removed from the ROTC early degree certification list if they fail to comply with the tasks/deadlines given by the Advisor as part of that process.